COVID-19: Flight Attendant of Himalaya Airlines reported positive

Crew member of Himalaya Airlines is reported to be infected with COVID-19.
According to Himalaya Airlines sources, the male flight-attendant from Kathmandu tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday while undergoing PCR check in Teku Hospital.

The flight attendant had gone for a repatriation flight from the Nepal to Saudi Arabia last Tuesday and the flight returned with 154 passengers.

Himalaya Airlines has been testing RDT on every flight, crew with negative report are allowed to stay at their home. RDT test result for same flight- attendant was negative. On the fifth day, he perceive unwell and went to Teku Hospital for PCR test.

A week before Mexican pilot of the same airlines has been infected. He is currently at the Armed Police Hospital in Balambu.

Source: Kantipur

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