COVID19; Cargo flight from Ramechhap to Lukla started


The Cargo flights from Ramechhap Airport to Tenzing–Hillary Airport, Lukla Airport have started from Friday to prevent the declination and corrosion of construction materials. Due to the Flight Suspension, the cargo could not be flown to its destination that had reached Ramechhap airport already.

According to the Source, with the approval of the Home Ministry, Tara Air and Summit Air were permitted to fly the cargo from Friday. The permission stated that the airline will only fly the cargo i.e. cement, rods, and other construction materials used for the helipad under construction at Lukla Airport. No passengers are allowed to fly on the plane.

The airlines have only conducted four flights on Friday due to the prevailing weather condition of Lukla Airport. Both the aircraft based at Ramechhap Airport will fly for about 20 days for the goods to be taken for the construction of the helipad.

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