Creative Innovation

Creative Innovation

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Creativity is simply the shortest path towards the answer to any question that our mind develops. In order to create that accurate roadmap of solution we as human beings need to firstly acquire knowledge of that question, secondly imagination or relate with potential subjects connected with the matter and next is experimentation and application of the vision created in mind but in most cases just our uncomplicated common sense does wonders.

Our world today has reached its utmost level in terms of innovative technology through exceptional utilization of science. Science means functioning simplicity of anything we see around in fragments. Let me take an airplane for example, when we observe this massive man-made object flying, it is absolutely breath-taking to see it being airborne or simply get itself to the world of atmosphere leaving the ground where we stay. We just question ourselves how can it fly, but when we go about its study and fragment the aircraft systems minutely we will see nothing but simple physics being applied everywhere. Thus, it signifies the importance of creative innovation where simplicity is the key to constructing virtually anything in mind and dynamic implementation physically builds that vision. To add to it, since the only way to get ourselves delved into any form of study is – fragment the subject and research, this is where infiniteness has its huge space in terms of innovation. Getting better has no end, for example this Microsoft Word where I am typing this particular article just keeps on innovatively updating its access toolbar making our job easier every-time to get the job done.

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In today’s world anything that is created or made is just worthless without its marketing. Human beings or people living in this planet are the dominant creatures of earth, so marketing means creative communication to make people aware that there is something better coming for you. God has made every individual different from each other, which is why there can never be a standard form or definitive way to marketing. For example, Coke could have simply made its product and put it on market but there is that touch of creativity that make it so likable, the bottle of coke is designed in a way that everyone can hold it enjoy, the curve on the body of its bottle makes it grab-able for a child and to adult as well and it spends more than half of its turnover on its advertisements, it sounds crazy at first but the creativity to give it a continuity is their innovative priority. Creativity comes through an independent mind therefore today’s organizations are acknowledging this fact and it has been their prime focus to build a core management team and delegate the work segments into different departments and make them free to think of innovative ideas to choose the best path to reach point D from point A and creatively thinking of the ground-breaking rules to by-pass point B and C.

I would like to conclude by emphasizing the relation of creative innovation with Time. Time as we all know never stops which makes everything kinetic in this world, nothing stays stationary, therefore the system of Nepal or the set culture to which Nepali working approach is still very dearly attached should be creatively reviewed periodically which assures its currency and only the term creativity will get more air to breathe than which it is uncomfortably inhaling today.

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