Current status of Turkish A330, TC-JOC.

Current status of Turkish A330, TC-JOC.

The Kathmandu based office of Turkish Airlines counselor reported to aviationnepal that A330 has already hand over to Airbus Manufacture Company, so now it’s completely under the Airbus and they are the one who will decide whether to maintain the bird or to sell in scrap.

Soon Airbus personnel on process to visit Nepal to inspect the A330, and after the observation the finally decision will be made.

She concluded saying, “We have already received the insurance amount of the aircraft and now  this aircraft is owned by Airbus Company”.


On Mar 4, 2015 – Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-303, bearing TC-JOC registration had made crash land at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The flight 726 inbound from Istanbul , along with 224 passengers onboard, missed the runway central line on landing process due to poor visibility,  and landed in between the runway and taxi way, which imposed the aircraft to skid on  a grassy land at TIA.

Fortunately all passengers along with crew members on board were evacuated through the emergency doors.


Since then, this poor bird has been grounded at TIA, east Helipad. Though initially little maintenance had received and both engines were taken out but everything seems paused on the long run.

As per aircraft is still in auction. (Updated on 30 Mar 2015)

Turkish Airlines in a Bid TC-JOC

        Fig: Turkish Airlines TC-JOC is in Auction in

Turkish Airlines in a bidding

 Fig: Turkish Airlines TC-JOC is in Auction in
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