Currently the management of corporation is not going to manage by any foreign bodies.

Currently the management of corporation is not going to manage by  any foreign bodies.

 Minister of culture, tourism and civil aviation said’ immediately the management of Nepal Airlines Corporation will not be hand over to any foreign bodies’. In the debate of hand overing the corporation management to European company Lufthansa yet has not make any confirm decision. The corporation is very much in shaky state, as the new aircraft which was bought in higher interest has not been able to mobilize maximum. The minister Sherpa said ‘Our obligation is to revive the corporation in better way and for it we first want to use our own resources.’ Earlier, the corporation responsible was in the state of handover but now it’s not going to happen immediately. Sherpa said ‘the old, retired and dull kind of man power is not worthy to run this corporation; it is difficult to withhold such kind of manpower. And now it is the administrative reform.’ He added to take our Nepal flag carrier at the height we all need to carry it all together. According to him to make the corporation management more strengthen we Nepalese are enough and its time to garb this privilege. Rather allowing to foreign. Immediately, we haven’t thought to give the corporation management to others, what before ministers have decided that I shall note’. He said’ what we do is for the betterment rather than for individual profit or interests.. He would undermine the management corporation of the worker union, and is the reason for corporation being shaky and now its time to make corporation stronger. After Sherpa was proclaimed as the minister, the Nepal airlines corporation appointed sugat kanskar as the general manager, and Nepal civil aviation authority appointed sanjeev gautam as DG (director general).

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