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If you are traveling to the state of Texas in the USA, then you will most probably land in the Dallas Airport Fort Worth. The primary international airport in Texas serves the Fort Worth Metroplex area. It is the third busiest airport in terms of flight movement and the tenth most hectic in terms of passenger traffic. So, you can expect a lot of business when you land at the airport. We’ll have brief information about Dallas Airport today, Dallas Airport rent a car, Dallas Airport hotel, Dallas Airport Parking Cost and Dallas Airport Love Field.

dallas airport fort worth
Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport , Drone View, Photo: Official Facebook

It is one of the busiest gateways of America and the second most active gateway to Texas. So, it serves a lot of passengers. The airport, built 46 years ago in 1973, served more than 75 million passengers in 2019. It is the second-largest airport in the USA, occupying more than 27 square miles.

The airport, more significant than Manhattan, has its zip code and its police. The nation considers the airport as a city due to its area. The airport serves more than 260 destinations. Out of these 260, 67 are international, while 193 are domestic destinations. It is one of the fewest airports in the world to serve more than 250 goals.

The airport lies 185 meters above sea level. The airport has five terminals and is building the sixth terminal. The airport is already big enough as a city. The sixth terminal will make the airport even more prominent, making it more difficult for the new visitors. Also though it will take some time to construct the terminal, it is big enough to confuse the visitors.

Not all airports require a travel guide, but when you are in this airport in Texas, you may need one. There are cities when you don’t need a guide, but if you have a city in an airport, you need one. Why? These are the reasons why you need a travel guide when you are in this Texas airport:

  1. Big Area: As already discussed, the airport is big enough as a city. Many people get lost in big cities, and this airport is not an exception. Many people have lost themselves when they are at this airport. It will be a help to have the idea before you get lost.
  2. New Place: If you are in a new place, then you must wonder about it. The new site and in a big area makes it even more difficult. If you are at the airport for the first time, then you need someone to help you at the airport, and we are doing the same.

Dallas Airport Food

Different food companies allow you to dine at the airport itself. There are 18 restaurants in terminal A. Some of the famous restaurants at the terminal are Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven, and many others as such. There are 16 restaurants in terminal B. Some of the restaurants in this terminal are Subway, McDonald’s, Baskin-Robbins, and others.

Starbucks DFW airport dallas airport fort worth
Dallas Airport Food : Starbucks at DFW

There are 19 restaurants in terminal C. Some of these are Chick-fil-A, MacDonald’s, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and others. There are 14 restaurants in terminal D, which include Subway, Moca, and other restaurants available in different terminals. There are 12 restaurants in terminal E. You can find all the top restaurants in the nation in the airport’s terminal.

Dallas Airport Food at Cereality cereal bar & cafe

Dallas Airport food has one of the best food services in an airport. There are so many options available for dining, and with so many restaurants, it is one of the best food available airports.

Yummy burger at Dallas airport food recipe

Hotels Near Dallas Airport

If all these restaurants are not fancy to you, then there is one more feature of this airport, which will amaze you. This feature is none other than the grand hotel available at the airport. There are four hotels inside the airport, and there are many top-rated hotels throughout the area. There are plenty of hotels nearby the space to accommodate you when you are nearby the airport.

Grand Hyatt DFW
Photo: Photo: Photo: Grand Hyatt DFW

The first hotel in the airport is Grand Hyatt. This 5-star hotel is situated nearby the terminal D. You can easily access the hotel from any terminal by Skylink, the train, or the Terminal link, the bus. The 298-room hotel is a premier hotel for business and leisure travel. There are many features in the hotel which will attract you.

Photo: Hyatt Regency Dallas

The second hotel inside the airport is the Hyatt Regency, which is nearby terminal C. You can easily access the hotel. The hotel is a comfortable casual hotel suitable for overnight stay. The hotel features a 24-7 food and drinks restaurant. There are many more features which will attract you if you are searching for a moderate hotel.

The third hotel located inside the airport’s Southgate plaza near the rental car facility is Hyatt Place. The 137-room hotel is a 3-star casual hotel for travel. This hotel is closest to all the airport than other hotels. The hotel serves 24-7 food and drinks and also contains many other features.

Hyatt Place DFW
Photo: Hyatt Place DFW

The next hotel inside the airport is Minute Suites. It is a premium suite located near terminal D and terminal A. The suite consists of ten private suites and hot showers. The premium suites are more significant than the standard suites. Some features can easily attract you.

Minute Suites
Photo: Minute Suites, credit: minutesuites.com

Dallas Airport Rent a Car

The Dallas Airport allows you to rent a car as soon as you land. There are 12 companies right next to the airport, which will enable you to rent cars. The rental car center located near the south entrance of the airport allows you to rent the vehicle at any time of the day.

During the arrival, after collecting the baggage, you can follow the rental car signs and reach the pick-up area. You can then board the rental car bus, which runs 24 hours a day. They depart every 10-15 minutes and enter the car center in about 10 minutes.

During the departure, you can follow the signs and reach the car center to return the vehicle. After returning the car, you can board the rental car bus, which runs 24 hours a day to the terminal. The bus departs every 10-15 minutes and reaches the terminal in 10 minutes.

Dallas Airport Parking Cost

There are terminal garages near all the terminals for short term parking. The parking costs 2$ for half-an-hour and 3$ for the next 2 hours. Express Parking is also available at a rate of 2$ per hour and 3$ for 2 hours. There is also a free parking spot at north end with 53 places and maximum time of 2 hours.

Dallas Airport Parking Cost dallas airport fort worth

You can park for the long term in the terminal parking garage, which costs 24$ per day. The parking at express parking north covered and uncovered is 15$ and 12$ per day. It costs 12$ per day and 10$ per day at express south and remote parking, respectively. The off-site parking rates per day are 4$ to 7$.

Dallas Airport Love Field

The Dallas Love Field Airport is another major airport in Texas. It was the main airport of the state until the opening of Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport. The airport served the armies during World War I, and the military started it even before the start of the war. The military named this airport after 1918.

Dallas Airport Love field dallas airport fort worth
Photo: Dallas Airport Love field

The board members announced the modernization of the airport in 2009. Many people think that the two major airports are in the same, but it is not. The two major airports of the state are some of the busiest airports in the nation. The Dallas Love Field Airport’s passenger and flights decreased after the new Dallas airport in the city.

The Dallas Aiport is the biggest airports in Texas. So, to prevent losing yourself in the big city-like airport, it is better to look for the travel guide. There are many features in the airport which you should utilize as much as possible.

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