Delay in renovation of Manamaya airport troubles air passengers

Khanidanda Manamaya Airport in Khotang which is currently out of operation due to soil erosion is undergoing slow paced renovation work creating problem to air passengers.

Heavy rain in last monsoon blocked the drainage that led water to be clogged in the runway which later burst and have started wearing out soils around the airport destructing the airport gradually. The airport was in verse of extinction as the renovation work was delayed and though the renovation work was started it has been going on at slow pace.

The renovation work has stopped flight operation to the airport creating problem for the people residing around.

District officials stated that they had investigated the renovation work and found out that the contractor company Kancharam Construction have not only delayed the renovation work but also used the low grade materials for the construction.

The clogged water in runway made its path from the side of the runway that has already eroded 10-15 meters of soil. Due to this, around 2-3 meter of runway had been eradicated and the restoration work was lately started.

The white marking in runway has also cracked and southern part of the airport has started destructing. According to locals, due to clogged drainage all the water flows from the runway and airport construction consumer committee said that the airport was in great risk of landslide.

The airport lies near district headquarter Diktel and the airport construction was started in 2060 with the help of land provided by locals in free and in 2062 Nepalese Army and Nepal Airlines made maiden flights in the airport.

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