Delay in the construction of Nijgadh International Airport

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Photo: Proposed Nijgadh International Airport

Delay in the construction of Nijgadh International Airport

January 20, 2017- Kathmandu

There has been widespread criticism over the delay in initiation of  Nijgadh International Airport.

The initiation has been slow paced due to various reasons. One of the reason is that the government has been unable to grasp the required land for the airport.

The land to be acquired has turned costly which will require about eight to ten billion rupees of additional money which has created financial setback for the project.

The government has allocated 2.5 billion rupees for the project for this fiscal year .

The airport which is slated to be built in Bara, Nijgadh whose local people have priced the land at high value will be encountering the problem for  a while until the government resolves it.

The airport is planned to be completed within five years and the primary phase of construction is going on but it is not going as smoothly as it should have.

Comparing to Nijgadh, the construction at Bhairahawa and Pokhara is quite on its pace which has been on the top priority of the government.

Nepal has 56 airports in total out of which most are in dire and ill-managed condition while the only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport is also not as per the regulation stated provisions.

Nepal Army to start the preparatory work

The government has designated Nepal Army to do the initial preparatory work on the International Airport.

The Nepal Army will shape an access road to the runway and perimeter road and clear trees at the building site as part of the foundation work.

The rest of the construction will be done by the government.

The airport to be erected at Dumarwana in Bara district will be extent over 80 square kilometers, 90 percent of which is shielded by woodland.

The quantity of reimbursement to be remunerated to the proprietors of the 110 bighas of land to be assimilated for the airport project has been secure.

Nevertheless, snags have ascended as 1,600 households do not grip title conducts, and they have been laying pressure on the government to offer replacement plot.

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