Delegates of Japan and NAC talk about opening flights to Osaka

National flag carrier, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has published press release on the process of the corporation to operate flight at Osaka, Japan.

The meeting was organized between high officials of Japanese team and NAC yesterday(December 3) discussing on the topic of NAC resuming its flights to Osaka.

Nepali delegation initiated by Madan Kharel, newly appointed executive chairman of NAC and delegation initiated by Emmanuel Menanteau, representative director of Kansai International Airport at Osaka discussed about the subject related to NAC operating schedule flights at Osaka in the future.

There were 3 representative delegation from Japan who arrived to Kathmandu day before yesterday.

Japanese team has expressed supportive attitude saying that Japan will help NAC to operate flights. Similarly, they have also said that NAC flights to Osaka will play great role as Osaka airport is second popular and central airport after Haneda Airport in Japan.

NAC has been planning about extending its flight operations at international level.

At present, NAC is in critical condition as its A320-233 ‘9N-AKW’ Sagarmatha encountered birdstrike at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in landing process a few days ago. The flight departed from Bangalore in a night flight and during arrival at TIA it encountered a bird strike incident.

According to NAC officials, ‘9N-AKW’ Sagarmatha was then not released by engineers as as it required maintenance before flying back again.

Leaving all the problems and bad vibes, the corporation has been planning to operate flights to new destinations by A330 aircraft and planned program for effective strategies to fight the market demands. A330 is preparing to operate in Seoul, South Korea and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia within a few months.

The corporation has been operating for 3 days at Hong Kong, Bangkok for 4 days and 2 days at New Delhi.

The corporation operates international flights with its 2 wide body A330 aircraft, 2 narrow body A 320 and 1 Boeing aircraft. Similarly, for domestic flights, the corporation operates with its 3 Twin-otter, 2 MA-60, 4 Y-12e aircraft. The corporation has been operating to 8 international destinations and 22 domestic destinations.

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