Delta Airlines A320 forced to return to Minneapolis owing mechanical fault

A Delta Airlines Airbus A320 was forced to return to Minneapolis on May 27 last week. This incident has only recently come to light.
The Airbus A320-200 with registration N342NW was operating flight DL1205 from Minneapolis to Baltimore with 142 passengers, and crew members were on board.

Photo from Delta airlines

The crew members requested to level off at 4,000 feet, reporting a mechanical fault. The pilots then declared an emergency after they identified series of faults, including braking problems.
They reported that the landing gear shock along with reversers and several other system wasn’t working. After the pilots identified the braking problem, they asked for the longest available runway.
“Okay, we’re probably going to have some pretty hot brakes by the time we stop,” said the pilots as they made their final approach.`
The aircraft involved in the incident was initially delivered to Northwest Airlines back in January 1993 and is currently 28.6 years old.
The A320 landed safely on runway 12R and remained on the runway until a tug towed them off. Passengers were accommodated on another aircraft to Baltimore. The replacement A321-200, with registration N301V, reached Baltimore with a delay of around 13 hours.

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