Delta Airlines Engine Cowling falls off from 28,000 feet

Delta Airlines Engine Cowling falls off from 28,000 feet

A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Chicago suffered an unusual incident that anyone would not like to hear or see. There are some facts in this world which we all know exists but never want to experience in our life, like one of the incident that passengers from this Delta Airlines flight 762 experienced which led them into a big shock.

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The engine cowling of the right engine of the Delta Airlines Boeing 717 flight got ripped off, detached and fell off the airplane from 28,000 feet midflight when the plane was cruising after taking off from Atlanta on Sunday afternoon. This flight hit into a turbulence which caused the deformity in the engine’s cowling and pilot had to forcefully make an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport. 109 passengers inside cabin faced a very panicking situation as cabin light went off as soon as the engines cowling ripped off and stroked into a part of fuselage of the aircraft.

Following this event, the pilot declared the emergency and made an emergency landing safely at Nashville. The plane taxied to the gate and all the passengers walked off the place with no report of any injuries. Passengers were arranged another flight for their remaining part of journey and they were provided with food and beverages while they waited boarding to another flight.

The airline reached out to passengers with a gesture of apology. The passengers boarded and continued to Chicago three hours later. The airline apologized and mentioned that they would fully investigate the incident as a matter of safety concern of their customers and employees, which always have been their utmost priority.

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