Delta flights grounded due to computer outage in U.S.

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Delta flights grounded due to computer outage in U.S.

January 30, 2017-USA

Tamish Giri

Computer outage hits Delta to cripple on taxi bay on Sunday night leading to big delays and cancellation of 150 flights.

A delayed passenger had tweeted “My flight has been canceled and I’m alone on a layover” at airport. “I need a solution.” She was furious on airlines after its website and mobile apps collapsed.

The IT seemed to be troubling the National Flag carrier as it was only six month earlier when the airline had overcome the circumstance. Since the airlines weren’t able to response the query of affected traveler. Maximum numbers of travelers were furious at Airlines due to inconvenience caused by its data processing.

Entire domestic flights of Delta were foiled to the ground by FAA. It was only in the mid-night until the data processing system was maintained and operation started.

Later CEO Ed Bastian on behalf of Delta apologized for the trouble made by the data base twice in six month.



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