Delta JFK terminal, JFK Terminal-2 and Terminal 4 of JFK Airport

Which is Delta JFK terminal? John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world as per its size, where over 59 million people are transported annually. JFK has six terminals situated outside of a rectangular loop. They are numbered as 1, 2,4,5,7, and 8.  All terminals are connected by Air Train. The inside of the loop has vehicle access, and parking, visitor access, pre-security. While the outside of areas belongs to airside, giving access only to authorized staff and passengers holding valid air tickets.

Delta JFK terminal

The JFK Terminal-2, known as Delta JFK terminal, operates exclusively for Delta flights in this terminal. It has 11 boarding gates (which are jet-equipped C60-C70). Delta Air Lines took over this terminal from Pan Am after the collapse of Northeast Airlines and Braniff.  Before 2013, the majority of Delta’s operations were served by Terminal 2, in connection with terminal 3. Delta Air Lines concentrated its traffic flow through terminal 2 of JFK as a primary passenger hub. With the opening of Terminal 4, as it expanded on 2013-15, Delta consolidated most of its flight operation, both international and transcontinental flights on this new terminal. Terminal 2’s boarding gates were prefaced with the letter ‘C’ as T4 was completed. Terminal 2 is used for Delta’s domestic flights at present. Some other airlines’ domestic flights perform their arrival and departure activities as well.

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The massive fall in passenger numbers and drastic schedule reduction brought by the insurgence of COVID-19 led to the halting of terminal 2 operations in mid-2020. The Port Authority concluded to demolish Terminal 2 at an undetermined time. Terminals 1 and 4 will be expanded, while terminal 2 will be occupied to extend terminal 1. Currently, terminal 2 is re-open to host Delta flights but is expected to be empty by 2022.

Delta JFK terminal

At Terminal 2, i.e., Delta JFK terminal, there are arrival and departure levels. At the arrivals level, there is a baggage claim area and access to ground transportation. Similarly, at the latter one, there’s a check-in counter, security checking, and boarding gates access from C60 to C70. For transporting between terminals, Air Train services operate 24/7 without fee, every 2 to 5 minutes. The gates C60-C65 are on the left side, and the remaining C66-70 lie on the right side.

There’s an airside bus between terminals 2 and 4, where you can get a post-security flight connection option available. It’s a jitney shuttle bus connecting between terminals 2 (near gate C60) and 4(near gates B54 and B18), operated by Delta Air Lines. Terminal 2 services are showers, Wi-Fi, snacks, magazines, etc. You can find restaurants and shops post-security in Terminal 2.

Delta JFK Terminal lounges

The Delta Sky Club is the lounge run by Delta Air Lines, reserved for Delta One passengers, American Express Platinum cardholders. It is equipped with showering infrastructure and business centers. There’s Delta Sky Club at JFK terminal 4 and 2. Serving Delta passengers, it features a 200 ft2 Sky Deck and transcontinental and international services with a touchscreen system. It offers a close runway and aircraft view on its rooftop. One can expect pre-packaged foods with no hot options at this COVID period. You still have bar service as well as the option to go out to Sky deck.

Terminal 4 of JFK Airport

Terminal 4 of JFK is the hub for Delta Air Lines. After the opening of T4 in 2013, Delta expanded its flight operations in this new terminal, which is also the primary terminal to be operated by the foreign operator in the United States of America. At present, T4 has 38 gates, divided into two concourses; Concourse A(A2-A7), set out mainly for Asia and some European airlines, and Concourse B serving the domestic and international flights of Delta Air Lines and its Skyteam associates.

Terminal 4 of JFK International Airport is currently home to many different airlines like Aero Mexico, Air India, China Airlines, Egypt Air, Delta Air Lines, etc. Terminal 4 is one of the biggest New York terminals, where more than 30 domestic and international airlines launch their flights.

As Delta is the only airline in terminal 2, integration of Delta’s operation at T4 will let Delta move out of terminal 2. Currently, both terminal 2 and terminal 4 of JFK are operated by Delta Airlines. Some of the flights are codeshare with Delta, where the flight is operated by one airline but marketed by another. It allows the individual airline to gain market exposure and offer extended destinations.

Delta’s expansion at JFK Terminal 4

In February 2020, Delta had announced the major expansion of the JFK airport terminal, with an investment of 3.8 billion dollars, weeks before the COVID pandemic slammed the aviation industry. The plan of 2020 had a vision for the addition of 16 gates in terminal 4, with every gate holding the capacity enough to handle large jets. In April 2021, the initial construction phase of a resolution was adjusted to a 60% reduction from the project approved in February 2020. As the pandemic outbreak had severe impacts on air travel, the project would be financed $1.4 billion only. The revised plans allow the demolition of Terminal 2-known as Delta JFK terminal, and expand and modernize terminal 4, which will unify Delta operations. The expansion of terminal 4 of JFK means the consolidation of Delta operations there and the demolition of 58 years old Terminal 2.

The expansion is laid down into 2 phases; one will break the ground in the third quarter of this year, and another will be undertaken in late 2022, with the completion of the full project in late 2023. The current resolution will add a total of 10 new gates, including eight regional jet gates and two narrow-body gates to Concourse A in Terminal 4. The initial phase, which is slated to begin this year, includes the conversion of Delta’s regional jet gates, which is at Concourse B, to the narrow-body gates.

The previous plan of 2020 includes $400 million in the renovation of passenger-facing terminals, expanded and modernized terminal entrances with concessions, restrooms, and seating areas. But the updated plans consist of a modified arrival level curb, with $100 million to renovate check-in areas in Terminal 4. The reduced project scope plan investment is $1.5 billion, funded by the bond issued by JFK International Air Terminal LLC.

Delta and JFK International Air Terminal (JFKIAT)’s partnership in this transformation of JFK airport is set up to be an essential milestone and modernization of JFK as a unified world-class airport and state-of-art international gateway to the US. Delta is working to invest in Terminal 4 expansion of JFK to deliver a superior experience to its valuable customers. The evolution of a modern and efficient terminal will embrace the customer needs and allows Delta to offer customers having connecting flights a seamless customer experience at JFK, as all of the operations will be integrated into terminal 4.

All 11 gates used currently by Delta at Delta JFK terminal, i.e., Terminal 2 will be replaced. More than 150000 sq. feet will be added to terminal 4 expansions, building 10 new gates, and hosting mainly domestic and regional flights. As Delta moves out of terminal 2, more seamless connections will benefit Delta’s partner airlines. The expansion of the T4 project of JFK will include:

  • Improvement of check-in areas
  • New gates
  • Improved and enhanced security check areas
  • Upgraded baggage reclaim area and arrival hall
  • Expanded seating area
  • Delta Sky Priority Check-in Area
  • Dual taxiways, New Delta Sky Club, improved customs and border protection

The second phase of the resolution will entail ten new narrow-body gates and $300 million passenger facing terminal renovation and roadway improvements.

Delta Air Lines made its commitment to expand terminal 4 in 2013. Now, the revised proposal will account for 95% of the investment in the hands of Delta and Terminal 4’s private operator. JFKIAT is the first private operator since 1997. As the consolidation of flight operations will continue in late 2022 and end in late 2023, Delta will pave the way for an improved passenger experience. As for now, most of Delta’s international flights are operated at terminal 4 C to/from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

JFK Airport is a major international airport of New York, accommodating more than 90 airlines. It was opened on July 1, 1948. It is the hub for Delta Air Lines, containing 131 gates in total.

Delta Air Lines is one of the major US carriers which operate on a Full-service network carrier business model. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, it serves the extensive network of 325 destinations in 52 counties on six continents. Cruising forward with the slogan of ‘Keep Climbing,’ the airline owns a fleet of more than 700 aircraft. JFK airport is the primary transatlantic hub of Delta, offering Prestige routes to west coast destinations. In the last ten years, Delta has expanded its presence in New York by over 65%. So JFK airport is a crucial airport for Delta.

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