Demand for aircraft from Nepalese living in Europe and America to send oxygen cylinders

According to Nepal Airlines officials, there is a high demand for aircraft to carry the oxygen cylinder in the initiative of non-resident Nepalis and Nepali citizens. However, such request is higher from countries like USA, Europe, and Australia.

It would be costly to bring a 70 kg cylinder to Nepal by aircraft from Australia, USA, and Europe. Therefore, the official suggests Nepali community take the initiative to send oxygen concentrators to Nepal instead of oxygen cylinders.

The Nepal Airlines Corporation has a fare of Rs. Twenty Million for Kathmandu-Beijing-Kathmandu. The Corporation has fixed the minimum fare on this route, which has to be operated continuously for about seven and a half hours.

That is why every flight has tried to bring the maximum capacity of the cylinder, officials said. The previous flight had 14 crew members, including four pilots.

Nepal Airlines had carried 560 oxygen cylinders from Muscat, the capital of Oman, on Saturday. These cylinders are being brought to Nepal with the help of the Non-Resident Nepali Association and the Nepali Embassy.

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