Detailed survey initiated for the Construction of new airport at Dhankuta


After five decades, the construction of a medium-level airport at Baaghkhor, Belhara Danda at Dhankuta district has taken its pace.

According to the source, Realpath Engineering Consultancy is now working on the detailed survey on the Belhara of Dhankuta and environmental impact assessment for checking the feasibility of airport construction.

Realpath Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. of Lalitpur under the consultation of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) had launched a detailed survey for the first time of the airport construction at Belhara Danda.

A Group of Engineering team using the drones has already studied and accomplished the first phase of the project which includes checking the feasible land for airport construction.

The survey has concluded that the landing of the 50 seater aircraft will require at least 1200 meters long and 200 meters wide runway, says Survey Er. Gurudautt Adhikari.

The detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared in a detailed survey including the Runway, Airport Ramp, Terminal Tower, Staff Quarter, Fuel Station and Security Post and will be submitted within 6 months of the survey, added Er. Adhikari.

After a recommendation for the construction of a medium-level airport at Belahara Danda on the recommendation of MoCTCA, the government in 2073 had made a strategic consent for the airport construction along with the way to build the airport.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) couldn’t proceed the airport project further despite the go ahead from frequent survey results as the authority required cooperation from MoCTCA.

Five years ago, CAAN had recommended for studying the infrastructure for the construction of the airport at Belharara Mountains. An Engineering team led by CAAN’s Er.Mani Govinda Shrestha had accomplished the study and qualified for construction of the airport and gave a green signal for the construction.

The survey was conducted at various areas such as Faujetar, Ghumaune, Mudkeahale and Belhara and the results recommended Belhara to be feasible for holding a medium sized airport. The recommendation letter was then dispatched to the government however, the survey was once again conducted as the airport was only surveyed for small aircraft previously.


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