Development and enhancement of Biratnagar Airport discussed with Minister Adhikari

Tourism Minister has planned to develop Biratnagar and Nepalgunj into regional airport in upcoming fiscal year as Nepal is waiting to receive air route from India and have directed two airlines company to operate 72 seated aircraft to neighbor country’s cities. He also believe that Biratnagar airport is appropriate for Indian tourists to make them easy and comfortable by facilitating mountainous scenario and have directed to conduct technical observation to operate mountain flights within a few days.

Minister of Cutlure, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari also stated that air service from Biratnagar-Pokhara will be operated soon.

In “Potential and Challenge of Future Development and Extension of Biratnagar Airport” program organized by Biratnagar Civil Aviation Office, Tourism Minister stated that in the first phase for intermediate relations, Pokhara air service will start soon.

minister at biratnagar

Minister Rabindra Adhikari in field inspection of Biratnagar Airport

Minister Adhikari said that the government would reduce its trade loss and its assistance in religious touristic areas in this region by helping Indian tourists visit Halesi, Pathibhara and religious areas through the helicopter. He emphasized to open high rated hotels in Biratnagar for the smooth, easy and convenient accommodation for the third country tourists. He said that temporary Immigration office can be run if proper arrangement is made in Custom office of Biratnagar.

Minister Adhikari said that the arrangement were made to keep aircraft in other airport due to air traffic congestion in Tribhuvan International Airport and the construction work of new air port will be proceed after making National Airport Policy.

According to Jiwan Ghimire, Minister of Social Development of State no.1, the Indian tourists, western Bengal and Uttar Pradesh will flourish if plan made to enhance Biratnagar Airport for next 20 years.

Bhim Parajuli, chief of Biratnagar Municipality stated that the required help will be provided for extension of runway and also suggested air service from Biratnagar airport to Lukla airport should be commenced.

Sanjeev Gautam, Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal stated that the flight could be operated from 6 am morning to 10pm night form Biratnagar airport and the amount of Rs 680 million of compensation for 4.5 bigha land for the extension and security of Biratnagar airport will distributed on June.

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