Dhangadhi Airport Capacity Enhancement Program

Dhangadhi Airport Capacity Enhancement Program

May 8, 2017-KAILALI

Dhangadhi airport, one of the busiest domestic airports of the country, is now on the process to acquire land for the expansion of facility. As per the Civil Aviation Authority of Dhangadhi, the airport aims to acquire 16 Bighas of land within this upcoming fiscal year.

Previous report of Dhangadhi Airport has also showed the airport had already acquired 8 Bighas 2 kattha of land towards the Southern part of the airport.

Deputy Chief for Civil Aviation Authority of Dhangadhi Mr. Rajendra Singh said that this year the airport will also acquire the land located at the Eastern part covering till Khutiya road. The process to acquire the 16 Bighas of land is going with the co-ordination with District Admistration Office Dhangadhi.

Dhangadhi airport is also now being upgraded to an international airport, being Nepal’s fourth international airport. Moreover, the airport will also be featuring VOR/DME station soon. With this progress, Dhangadhi Airport now will take a leap forward in providing better service to both the airliners and the passengers.

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