Dhangadhi Airport gets new approach procedures for safety enhancement


Dhangadhi Airport, one of the busiest domestic airports of the country, has got the newly established approach procedure to enhance the safe flight operation at the airport.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the RNAV (Area Navigation) GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Instrument Approach Procedure has been established at Dhangadhi Airport (VNDH) to enhance the safety and efficiency of the aircraft operations and materialize the National PBN Implementation Plan of Nepal.

According to the source, the newly established RNP Approach RNAV (GNSS) procedure is designed in accordance with the criteria stipulated in the ICAO PANS-OPS DOC 8168 VOL. II. A full arrival, approach and missed approach trajectories along with associated holdings have been designed in the procedure. There are two RNP1 STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Route), three RNP1 SIDs (Standard Instrument Departure) and one RNP Approach (RNAV GNSS – LNAV only) procedures to Dhangadhi Runway 27 and are named in accordance with the ICAO naming convention as tabulated below:-

RNAV is a method of navigation having levels of accuracy that permit aircraft operations along any desired course either within the coverage of a station referenced system or within the limits of a self-contained system. RNAV routes are specified by a number of ‘waypoints’. These waypoints are not coincident with point source aids such as VOR, DME or NDB (Non Directional Beacon) facilities but are defined as positions in latitude and longitude based on the WGS 84 system.

Similarly, GNSS is an umbrella term that encompasses all global satellite positioning systems. This includes constellations of satellites orbiting over the earth’s surface and continuously transmitting signals that enable aircraft to determine their position.

As per the CAAN, the operators to use the newly established approach procedure must ensure that they comply with the all necessary operational approvals from CAAN. The aircraft must be equipped with GNSS as specified in Nepalese Flight Operations Requirements (FOR) and governed by the AIC 00112011 dated 01 August 2011 (ATS Requirements for PBN in Nepalese Airspace) and all necessary navigation system are to installed onboard so as to keep the track keeping accuracy while commencing RNP1, RNP Approach and associated Missed Approach. If the RNP Approach capability is lost by the aircraft, the ATC shall be informed as soon as possible the alternate course of action from the pilots of the concerned aircraft. The approach procedure is expected to come in operation from March 1, 2018.

Likewise, CAAN has also planned to equip Dhangadhi Airport with essential VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range)/DME (Distance Measure Equipment). The airport will also be equipped for providing service at night as per the budget plan for fiscal year 074/75.  With this progress, Dhangadhi Airport now will take a leap forward in providing better service to both the airliners and the passengers.

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