Difficult To Escape From EU Blacklist.

Difficult To Escape From EU Blacklist.

Increment of continuous air crashes in Nepal has raised a big question mark regarding the safety and situation of aviation in Nepal. Since, 2009 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been trying to point out the subject of frequent air crashes in Nepal but till now, Nepal is not being able to minimize air crashes.

According to the former Chief Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), it will be very difficult for airliners operating in Nepal to escape from blacklist of European Union Safety List. Recent two tragic air crashes of Tara Air DHC-6 Twinotter and Air Kasthamandap PAC750 aircraft have expanded the time period of escaping from EU blacklist.

CAAN has claimed that it has implemented almost 80% suggestions and recommendations given by Aircrash Investigation Commission whereas ICAO has claimed that there’s no any progress in minimization of aircrashes in Nepal.

According to the sources of CAAN, aircrashes cannot be concealed from EU and ICAO so they might mention about these frequent air crashes in their report. Five major aircrashes in the year 2010-2012 have been regarded as prime cause by EU for mentioning airlines of Nepal in it’s blacklist. It has been reported that within 60 years, 76 air crashes have occurred in Nepal.

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