Dipayal Airport unsure to come into operation

Dipayal airport located at Doti which has been out of operation for long period is facing delay in the blacktopping project.

The renovation project that started in 2073 BS with agreement to complete work within 24 months has not been completed yet and more than 35 months have already passed.

The renovation work deadline was added for another year however, with only a month remaining, the work has not been satisfactory.

During Maoist revolution, the airport halted its daily operation and from 2062 BS it was fully closed.

The project is awarded to Sapna Gyalva JB Construction Company for NRs 68 Million with initial deadline for work to be completed within Asar of 2075.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) engineer stated that out of whole project only 70% work has been completed whereas runway blacktopping project has not been started yet.

Locals have complained that equipment brought for renovation work has also already been shifted to other places. They have shown dismay towards work process.

According to the company official, Harka Bahadur Shah, cutting and filling work have been finished and the work of runway blacktopping will be initiated soon however, same information have been passed by the company since long time.

CAAN states that negligence by contractors has left the construction of Dipayal airport in quandary.

Sanfebagar airport has already been operating although both airport contract were done at almost same time.

Dipayal Airport was established 12 years ago and is the oldest in the entire far-west region. After services at the airport were disrupted citing ‘temporary halt’, the airport has yet to resume operation, except for when ministers fly here.

Citizens from Doti, Dadeldhura, Achham and Bajura are expected to receive services from the airport after it comes into operation. Also tourist number is expected to be increased afterwards.

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