Diplomatic efforts underway for flight approval to China; says Minister Adhikari

Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) stated that a diplomatic effort to operate Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) flights to China has been initiated.

Nepalese airline companies have not received routes in China even though Chinese airlines have been operating regular flights to Kathmandu.

In a press conference organized in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Minister Adhikari shared information about the achievement of the trade in Sichuan International Tourism Fair.

He said that the Nepalese plane could not be considered as the same trade unless it was going to China.

He also said that after the completion of construction of another international airport in Beijing, China government will provide approval for airline companies of Nepal.

During Sichuan International Tourism Fair, a formal agreement between Lasan of China and Lumbini of Nepal signed to a friendly and interconnected relationship.

This is especially believed to attract Buddhist religions of Lasan to visit Lumbini and play a great in Tourism Year of Nepal.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has not got any response from China since long time for the agreement to fly to Guangzhou, the third largest city in South Central China. NAC applied for an operating Authorization in 2015 to operate flights to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

In February 2014, Nepal and China signed a revised bilateral Air Services Agreement (ASA). The agreement allowed 56 flights per week with any type of aircraft on a mutual basis. The agreement allowed each country to enhance the flight rate to 70 per week by 2016.

Chinese airlines were allowed to operate 14 flights a week according to the old ASA. Currently, Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Sichuan Airlines and Tibet Airlines are operating regular flights to Nepal.

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