Director General Mr. Sanjiv Gautam to present his 31 point clarification today

Director General for Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Mr. Sanjiv Gautam is presenting his 31 points long performance clarification report today at Tourism, Cultural and Civil Aviation Authority Ministry Office.

Earlier on 17 September, Mr. Gautam had submitted around 22 pages of clarification along with 1700 supporting documents to Ministry within the 72-hours of the ultimatum from Ministry to revoke all the 11 charges applied to him. Further ministry had requested him for additional supporting clarification report of 31 points by allocating additional 24 hours of deadline period.

Thus Mr. Sanjiv Gautam DG at CAAN will present his clarification report at the ministry. We were informed that the ministry official analyzing past fiscal year’s work performance evaluation have requested him for the clarification.

Mr. Gautam had taken on the responsibility of CAAN as Director General from July 2015 after the earthquake. DG Gautam had been assigned in the designation of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for four years provision on a contractual basis.

Previously Mr. Gautam had been undertaking the responsibility of CAAN’s Safety Regulation as Deputy Director General prior being the Director-General.

Similarly, Mr. Mahindra Singh Rawal was appointed as the provisional Director General of CAAN before Mr. Gautam for two months duration.


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