Discount on air fare for people of two districts of Karnali

Province government has decided to give cash discount on air fare to old and disabled people also the government has decided to provide the scheme to people of 2 district namely Humla and Dolpa for air service as the districts are yet to be connected by road access.

The government has started to provide rupees 1000 discount on the stated flight fare to the old and fully disable people.

The official stated that rupees 10 million has been allocated in the current fiscal year so as to provide discount on the fare.

Dolpa region has just been connected with the road network however still no any vehicle has been able to reach to the region till now.

As per the provincial government rules and program for the province, the scheme to provide discount to people of the district as well as to provide air fuels to airlines that operate direct flights from province capital Birendranagar to other hilly remote has been announced.

The airports at Karnali have been facing problems due to short runway and poor infrastructures. So, the district authorities have committed to upgrade all the airport for welcoming maximum number of tourists.

There are 10 airports in 10 district of Karnali state.

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