Dollar flight club reviews 2021. How does it work?

It’s the wish of every passenger to know the right time to purchase a flight ticket. But they aren’t prophets to know when that time is. Dollar Flight Club tracks your flight and signifies you when airfare varies, giving you the opportunity to get the best deal just at the right time.

What is Dollar Flight Club all about?

Dollar Flight Club is a subscription travel service that notifies its members about cheap domestic and international flights from their home airport so as to save their dollars on airfare. It seeks to save members’ money on their flights that allow them to make their travel lists become veracious and see what the world has to offer. Dollar Flight Club uses big data to oversee daily flight operations and find flight deals for valuable customers. The automated system of Club gathers flight data available online to find the cheapest flight deals available for destinations worldwide. As there is not tried and true formula for passengers to know the exact time to purchase the airfare to save much money, Dollar Flight Club will help you narrow down the window, notifying the lowest flight fares arising from discounts, promotions, or mistake fares through SMS and email alerts.

Jesse Neugarten founded dollar Flight Club in 2016. His team works to keep track of flight databases so that members can save an average of $500 per ticket booked. Computers and employees analyze millions of airfare data points. Less airfare means more travel to the dream location. Explore the world with inexpensive vacations, and connect with other region’s cultures as Dollar Flight Club serves more than 100 countries. With an increase in fuel price and flight amenities, travel costs have leveled up. Finding affordable flights can be a hurdle for travelers. But all you need to do now is to enter the email id and sign up on Dollar Flight Club. You may choose home airports there. Your email will pop up with cheap flight deals, error fares, or other travel deals. If rolling in of email is fretful for you, the SMS option also exists.

How does it work?

The links in the email lead you to the Dollar Flight Club membership page, where you can get more information about the cheap flight deals you wish to purchase. Dollar Flight club doesn’t provide a flight booking service, but it gives recommendations to book flights directly with the airline or third-party sites like Sky scanner, Google flights, Momondo, etc.

Does it cost to get a membership in Dollar Flight Club?

Aren’t we all looking for Dollar Flight Club reviews to save our money? Although signing up is free, it’s a three-tier membership feature: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. While the service is free, if you are flexible at your airport or you are the first-class flyer, then you’ll save many bucks with a paid subscription.

1. Free Membership Plan

This plan is great to scrutinize and inquire if this service is really beneficial to you.

  • Flight deals from your departure area.
  • Small portions of cheap deals from what’s offered to members using premium plans.
  • Included advertisements and deals essentially on international air service.

Although you get access for free, your departure regions are limited, and you can’t select specific or your home airport. You’ll get primarily one flight deal in your email daily.

2. Premium Membership Plan

You have to pay $69 every year to get the premium deal. As a value for money, everything provided in the free version is still available to you, and in addition, you can select up to 5 departure airports from where you mostly travel. You can get up to 4 cheap flight deals a day. The paid premium membership opens doors to an additional benefit of discount and personalization options. There’s also the first alert for premium members, which means you can still make it up to travel if there are last-minute price changes or an error fare. You can currently try a premium version with a 14-day trial to acknowledge what suits you the best.

  • Deals essentially on both domestic and international flights.
  • You can select a couple of different airports, and deals start coming in if you intend to book at least one trip.
  • No advertisements, discounts from partner brands like Babbel, Jubel, Fodor’s Travel, etc.
  • Weekend Getaway Domestic Flight Deals.

3. Premium Plus Membership Plan

Costing an annual $99, the Premium Plus version includes notification on business and first-class travel. In addition to everything included in the premium version, it also provides 20% off Mobile Passport Plus, where you can saunter past all the people waiting in line at airport customs.

  • Deals for business and first-class flyers.
  • Access to 20% off Mobile Passport Plus allowing you to save your information and bypass customs when coming back from an international trip.

Is Dollar Flight Club genuine?

The cheap flight deals that you receive in your inbox are real and legit. These deals vary from a low-cost carrier to error fares. You get multiple alert emails a day under the premium plan. The deals usually come in at $400 or less round trip, so it can save you a decent amount of money. Good deals don’t last long, and if you don’t find a deal available after processing through the link, you should know it’s already sold out. Some offers seem good with travel hack of less airfare than what customers are able to find on their own.

Who are the users of Dollar Flight Club?

Free or Premium version is available to users in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Premium Plus Package is limited to only North America. Similarly, only the people in the US get weekend getaway/domestic flight deals to departure airports.

Premium members receive deal notification emails every time DFC finds a deal departing from one of the set departure airports. You’ll find your membership status on the deal email, followed by a photo of the destination. Then there’s a deal detail where the destination, departure airports, airlines, standard fares, and travel dates are mentioned. Then you can book the flights using Google flights or Sky scanner.

You can pay a one-time annual fee to receive these available deal notifications.

What happens if you accidentally delete an important notification email?

Even if you miss the email, don’t panic. You won’t miss out on an awesome flight deal. You still have a hub of sorts to visit; simply log in to their password-protected members-only area, where they store all of the currently active deals they found for you. The user interface of Dollar Flight Club is impressive.

Benefits of using Dollar Flight Club

While summing up the Dollar Flight Club benefits, they are:


All you have to do as a member is signing up, updating your travel preferences details, select the subscription plan, and wait for the best flight deals to appear. All the work up to researching and selecting cheap flights is done for you, saving your time.

The reasonable annual premium fee

What you pay in a year for a premium fee won’t even count in case you find decent-priced airfare through DFC. It can save you thousands of dollars in a year if you travel frequently.

Customization offers

You can set multiple departure airports, four times more international flight deals on premium package. Meanwhile, you can choose your favorite airline to fly to your preferred destination.

Zero commission or affiliate codes make your flight deals relevant.

Deals with DFC partners

Going premium with DFC has the additional perks o receiving discounts and free trials from renowned brands that work with DFC. For instance, Premium members get discount offers of up to 50% from the language learning app Babbel.

Costs of Dollar Flight Club

Painstaking issue of canceling membership

It seems there’s little transparency in the billing process. Many people have had to cancel issues where they were charged a fee even after canceling the subscription during 14 days trial. Subscriptions, including free premium trials, are automatically renewed without prior notice, although DFC claims to have noticed going seven days before automatic renewal.

The free plan is virtually useless as there’s a limited deal, no customization offer, and seriously, your inbox will be flooded with annoying ad pop-ups.

No built-in search engine

As there’s no built-in search engine, you can’t search for flight deals using an app or website.

DFC app is only for IOS users. 

Final thoughts regarding Dollar Flight Club reviews

Given the key features of multiple departure airports, text and email alerts, daily flight deals, mistake fares, and two levels of premium, Dollar Flight Club seems like a wonderful option. But then, there are complaints about difficulty regarding membership cancelation. Some flight deals are super beneficial to people, and there comes a time you won’t receive any because of unavailability.

Dollar Flight Club is one of the best places for flight deal alerts if you become a premium member and travel around frequently. Giving a straightforward answer is complicated, but now you definitely know the perks and issues of using it. Evaluate it and travel cheaper with discounted flight deals that will help you tick off your travel bucket list items. 

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