Domestic air passengers escalated by 26 per cent in 2017

Domestic air passengers increased by 26 percent in the year 2017. Although the expansion and development of the airport can’t be observed, there is increasing competition to add aircraft between the airlines companies operating flights internally.

23, 88,586 passengers have traveled to different destinations around the country over the year 2017.

Similarly, compared to 2016, the number of domestic air travelers was 22 percent higher than in 2015. According to the statistics published by the airport office, the number of 6, 30,987 domestic passengers increased in comparison to 2015 with 2016.

17, 57,596 people used airway among other means of transportation in 2016. Likewise, 13, 64,048 passengers travel through various airport in the country in the year 2015.

According to the airport officials, the number of passengers travelling to different destinations in the country via Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in 2017 is 12, 70,102. However, the total number of passengers arriving to Kathmandu is 11, 38,489. According to the officials, in October2017, the highest number of air passengers was 2, 86,827 and the lowest number was 1, 47,673 in December.

The air inflation has increased in comparison to 2016. In 2017, total of 93,097 flights have taken off and landed. However, in 2016 the flight number was 73,876 and in 2015, it was 67,867.

In 2017, 26 per cent of air passengers increased but unfortunately the airport has not been expanded and upgraded yet. The renovation and expansion projects of the airport is moving on at snail’s pace.

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