Domestic Flights: 5 flights in a hour

Government’s decision to resume regular domestic flights starting next Thursday, Tribhuvan International Airport is planning to conduct five flights per hour to the destinations on the trunk route.

Managing the airport’s internal terminal has been extremely difficult to minimize the risk of corona infection. When the flight time of the aircraft is delayed, there is a crowd of people. In the initial phase of the flight, the aircraft will carry just 50 percent of the capacity; therefore, the airport authorities believe it will be simpler for crowd management.

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Yeti Airlines ATR-72 9N-AMN: Photo from

General Manager Pratap Babu Tiwari stated that there is a plan to operate five flights per hour for the time being to minimize the congestion in the internal terminal building by following health safety standards.

“We believe that a large number of aircraft (ATR-72, Turboprop Q-400) of different airlines are being utilized on the main route, and there would be no overcrowding if flights are flown every 10 minutes,” he added.

He added that the stall route, which is currently flown by small planes in the morning, would be permitted to fly three flights per hour for regular flights. ‘Small planes traveling on the stall route fly in the morning. The flights have been modified within this, ‘said General Manager Tiwari.

He assured that a maximum of 130 flights was being conducted daily before the lockdown, and 63 flights were being planned after the lockdown was imposed in the second wave. “Preparations have been made to operate the flight following health safety requirements. In this instance, the primary goal is to minimize congestion. The flight will be conducted based on the average number of flights a week before the restriction. He said.

As the government prepares to begin domestic flights after an extended period, companies are also planning to commence operations according to health safety requirements. Although the terminal has made steps to alleviate congestion by rerouting flights, only a limited number of passengers may be allowed at check-in due to the weather delay.

During the rainy season, people prefer air service over the road transportation. Due to severe weather, frequent flight schedules have been delayed. Although airline suppliers are optimistic about the TIA’s preparations, they assert that adhering to the regulations will be difficult in inclement weather.

Passengers have been asked to arrive at the airport an hour early since the first wave of corona illness. No matter how disorganized the regulations are, when many people arrive, implementation is complex.

Regular flights to the trunk route have been operated by Buddha, Shree, Yeti, Saurya, Nepal Airlines Corporation, and other airlines. In contrast, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Tara, Sita, and Summit have operated flights to the stall route.

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