Domestic sterile hall of TIA undergoing capacity enhancement project


Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), in Kathmandu, has undergone some improvement projects in the recent time.

The initiation of enlarging the existing domestic sterile hall is being carried out under the command of Tourism Minister Rabindra Adhikari after the complaints from the various sources reached to him that the large numbers of passengers have been gathered in the exit room following the holding of the aircraft. In addition, the facility at the exit room is not sufficient to cope with the huge number of passengers.

The country’s only international aerial gateway has been facilitated with the free Wi-Fi facility at departure hall, central air conditioning (AC) and now the domestic sterile hall is changing its face to capacitate more travelers to cope the congestion.

Airport Officials stated that the large numbers of passengers have to stand and wait for boarding their flight after the security check so the domestic sterile hall is being progressive for enlarging its capacity.

The existing Domestic Terminal Duty Office (TDO) will be demolished and will be shifted to the first floor of domestic building while the Shree airlines counter will be re-positioned at the building where the existing TDO Office and the toilets, airline offices and other cargo room beside the sterile hall is being demolished and the existing sterile hall will be made bigger in spite to accommodate more passengers.

Present Report of TIA shows that there is daily 400 flights moment at the airport. In 2 Minutes and 42 seconds, every single aircraft lands and takes off from the airport.

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