Dornier 9N-AJH belonging to Sita meets runway excursion in Lukla

9N-AJH Dornier Aircraft belonging to Sita Air met a runway excursion at Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla today morning. The incident took place at 7:30 am while the aircraft was about to takeoff from the airport in Lukla.

In total eleven passengers was flying to Kathmandu with the aircraft. It was reported that none of the onboard crew member and passengers were injured in the incident.

According to a senior official at the airlines, the aircraft got involved in runway excursion making a left alignment from the central line of the runway at Lukla airport while preparing to take off for Kathmandu at around 7:30 am.

Senior captain DK Shah for Sita was preparing for the takeoff while aircraft met the excursion at the world’s extreme airport.

As been reported by Yogendra Lal Kunwar, Chairman of Lukla Airport, the aircraft didn’t encounter any major injury and the aircraft took off for Kathmandu at 10:03 am this morning.

A maintenance engineer for Sita had traveled Lukla from Kathmandu for the inspection of the aircraft. Thus the aircraft after receiving the approval from him took off for Kathmandu.

The aircraft was compelled to fly with only the crew members and the Maintenance Engineer to Kathmandu. A fairy flight was operated to cut the risk of further incident, Kunwar added.

As been reported by an official from Sita Air, the aircraft  safely landed in Kathmandu at 10:32 am this morning and currently is under detail inspection.



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