Drifting Plane: Asiana Airlines flight OZ162

Drifting Plane: Asiana Airlines flight OZ162

Asiana Airlines flight OZ162, an Airbus A320-232, from Incheon, South Korea, suffered substantial damage to the left wing and the No.1 engine, in a landing accident at Hiroshima Airport, Japan.

Japanese media are reporting that the plane spun 180 degrees after the impact to be left facing the opposite way on the runway. Details report dictates, the plane deviated off runway 28 to the left (south), and stopped facing east. The ILS-LOC (Instrument Landing System-Localizer) antenna, which is located 325 m before the runway 28 threshold, was found to be destroyed. It is also reported that the tail of the plane contacted the runway on touchdown. Smoke from the No.1 engine was observed.


All persons onboard were evacuated by the slides, and 23 persons suffered minor injuries. The runway was closed as a result of the crash, and emergency services are at the scene, with injured passengers bbeingaken to the hospital.

Image Courtesy: aviation-safety.net,BBC

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