Drone collides with a Beech 100 King passenger aircraft in Canada

A Beech 100 King Air aircraft has been reported to be hit by a drone in Canada. The drone neglecting the aviation regulation was operated beyond the altitude limit which caused the collision.

According to Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau, “Sky Jet flight heading to Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport was struck by a drone, on October 12.”

“The first time it’s happened in Canada that a drone has collided with commercial flight. This should not have happened, the drone should not have been there,” he added.

However, emergency measures were provided right away and the aircraft was able to land safely. No injuries were reported. The aircraft was a Beech 100 King Air carrying eight passengers whereas the drone is still not identified.

The drone had been flying 3 miles from the airport at 450 meters (around 1,500 feet) which is 150 meters above the legal limit. The use of a drone at that altitude is the violation of regulations.

This has not happened for the first time according to some pilots that a drone has struck their plane, although the actual figure of a drone was never confirmed.

“Every investigation has found the reported collisions were either birds, impact with other items such as wires and posts, or structural failure not related to colliding with an unmanned aircraft,” Federal Aviation Administration said.

” Transport Canada is monitoring the situation and is in contact with its transportation partners including Skyjet, the Jean Lesage International Airport and NAV CANADA. My department is in contact with the Service de police de la Ville de Québec and we will cooperate with the Transportation Safety Board should they decide to investigate,” Garneau said.

He has introduced Interim safety measures regarding drone flights earlier this year. Regulations regarding drone usage will be implemented in 2018.

The penalties for violating the regulations include fines of up to $25,000 and possibly face jail time.

There have been 1,596 drone incidents reported in 2017, of which 131 were deemed an “aviation safety concern,” Garneau said in the statement.

Likewise, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has been alarming and warning drone users to receive their license prior to onboarding their drones. The aviation authority here in Nepal has restricted the presence of drone in entire airfield surrounding areas.

CAAN analyzing the nature of law negligence has marked their punishment accordingly. Drone at some of the country’s national and historical sites to have restricted owners from operating their aircraft.

But however; no any collision incident has been reported in the context of Nepal.

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