Druk Air to visit Kathmandu in a repatriation flight tomorrow

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the aviation industry has been hit hard. However, Bhutan’s two airlines—Drukair and Bhutan Airlines—are flying to bring Bhutanese from abroad home.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on May 28 has permitted Druk Air to fly to Kathmandu, Nepal.

As per the plan, almost 13 people have already registered their names to the Embassy for their intent to fly back to Bhutan. The carrier will make its repatriation flight operating its ATR 42-600 on May 29.

The aircraft with registration ‘A5-JNW’, as Flight No. KB-404 is scheduled to depart the airport in Paro at around 07:05 Hours for Nepal’s capital Kathmandu on Friday under command of Capt. Ioannis Fragkos. The aircraft will make a landing at Tribhuvan International Airport at 08:15 UTC. The aircraft will be directly flown to Kathmandu with the total one leg journey of 01:10 Hours.

The aircraft after having 00:40 Hours of ground time at TIA will directly fly for Paro International Airport at 08:55 Hours as Flight ‘KB-405’.

Earlier, the airline operating the same aircraft had already made a visit to Kathmandu on April 18 to evacuate a Bhutanese Actress named Dhyen Chhoden and a citizen.

Since international flights were stopped from 24 March, there has been a number of chartered ferry flights that flew to take out tourists and expats back to their nations.

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