EASA banned Iraqi airline from flying over EU airspace

EASA banned Iraqi airline from flying over EU airspace

Aviation safety regulator – European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has banned all Iraqi Airways flights to enter over Europe airspace (28 EU countries) and four European nations, as the Iraqi airlines were unable to provide reports and failed to meet specific safety standards set forward by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

EASA executives were alarmed by the reports where the Iraqi airlines and the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority failed to comply as accordance to the standards forwarded by the ICAO. UK Civil Aviation Authority spokesman reports that the decision to either enforce or lift the ban is entirely up to EASA.

The airlines now have joined a list of banned airlines like Indonesia which ranks top among the worst offenders along with 50 other airlines on the EU’s no-fly list. This move to cut off Iraqi Airlines in EU airspace by EASA possibly means several hundred stranded Iraqi Airways passengers in Sweden, where the ban order first gets executed.

Photo Courtesy: Russavia

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