Easyjet started twelve new routes in the United Kingdom

Easyjet has begun operating 12 new domestic routes in the United Kingdom, including Liverpool to Bournemouth, Birmingham to Newquay, and Manchester to Edinburgh.

Previously, the flights were flown by Stobart Air, which went bankrupt over through the weekend.

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Flight schedules on easyJet’s current routes between Belfast International and Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are now being increased.

Photo from Easyjet

EasyJet’s domestic expansion also includes Belfast City, East Midlands, and Leeds Bradford airports towards its route.

The Manchester to Edinburgh service substitutes a route that was terminated in March 2020 after Flybe discontinued operations.

EasyJet also reintroduces services into and out of Belfast International at Leeds, Bradford, and East Midlands airports.

“The additional routes that will begin operation this summer are in responding to the increased demand for domestic air transport in the UK, and like all commercial flights, we compensate all carbon emissions associated with the fuel utilized.”

Additionally, she stated that the airline was utilizing more effective planes and facilitating the advancement of revolutionary new technologies that will enable zero-emission flight in the future, that we are dedicated to switching to as soon as they become available.”

Flights would have a ‘beneficial impact.’

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays would have services to Bristol and Manchester operate four times a week.

Flights between Inverness and Newquay would operate twice weekly between Wednesdays and Sundays.

Mark Beveridge, operations director with Aberdeen International Airport, claimed the additional flights would contribute to the aviation sector’s recovery.

“It’s fantastic to see EasyJet expanding its domestic service and presence at Aberdeen International Airport with the addition of a Manchester to Bristol journey,” he added.

“These routes improve connectivity in the north-east of Scotland, and securely returning business is a principal focus at our airport.

“Earlier this year, we saw the reintroduction of easyJet’s popular Gatwick route, which our customers and stakeholders enthusiastically received.”

Easyjet is increasing travel and vacation flexibility as part of its new “Protection Promise” by enabling fee-free flight modifications daily and to any location up to two hours before departure.

Usually, customers must pay a £49 “Trip Alter Fee” (per person per flight) to adjustment the dates or destinations of their travel, so this is a kind (but reasonable) gesture on the part of the airline, and one that Globetrender hopes continues far into the future.

Additionally, the airline has introduced a special travel insurance package that includes basic “Covid coverage.” Customers identified with corona before a trip will be protected by the new Covid-19 travel insurance, which will reimburse any itinerary changes or refunds and any needed medical treatment during the journey.

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