Edelweiss Air has reinstated its flight to the Maldives from Switzerland

Following the interruptions caused by COVID, Edelweiss Air, a swiss based airline has reinstated its flight to the Maldives starting from September 28. Edelweiss revealed it would restart its planned services to the Maldives on September 17, 2020.

Edelweiss officials announced that there would be two weekly flights from Zurich to Velana International Airport, further urge the Maldives to be amongst the travelers’ safe countries. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has awarded the Secure Travel identity to the Maldives to appreciate the island nation’s initiatives to introduce improved health and safety steps.

Passengers disembark from Edelweiss Air at Velana International Airport

During the lockout following the COVID outbreak, numerous repatriation flights were carried out from the Maldives to various parts of the world.

While the Maldives has reopened its boundaries with a series of relatively lenient rules, the State is now enhancing protective steps to assure everyone’s safety, especially hospitality employees.

Edelweiss aircarft at Velana International Airport

Among the few nations which have been active in managing COVID-19 is Switzerland. The nation is an optimistic tourist sector for the Maldives. So far this year, nearly 34,000 visitors, including Switzerland, have explored the Maldives.

Edelweiss travel schedule modified, opened.

Before the 2021 summer period, the Swiss airline Edelweiss Air halted services connecting Zurich and Ohrid. Flights among the two are scheduled to restart and operate once a week on March 28, 2021. The operation to Skopje by Edelweiss stays untouched and proceeds to operate twice a week.

Like Agadir, Ilha Do Sal, and Sharm El-Sheikh, three African routes are scheduled by Edelweiss Air. The Agadir schedule begins from October 01 with one weekly flight, while Ilha do Sal begins with one flight a week from October 26. There will be two weekly flights to Sharm el-sheik on the A320 from Zurich.

Details of Edelweiss Air

Edelweiss Air is a part of the Lufthansa Network and a sister corporation of Swiss International Air Lines. Edelweiss air serves to 70 fantasy locations in 32 countries all over the globe. For any vacation destiny, Edelweiss provides the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday on the sand, to visit a thriving metropolis, or to explore international cultures. Edelweiss maintains the ideals that individuals all over the world love in Switzerland and with joy reflect Switzerland. Four Airbus A340s and two Airbus A330s have served on long-haul routes since the start of 2019, and ten Airbus A320s have served on short-haul and medium-haul services. Business and Economy classes are provided by the Edelweiss aircraft. On long-haul routes, there are new initiatives called Economy Max.

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