Egypt Air Crash: Explosive found on victims according to the investigators

Egypt Air Crash: Explosive found on victims according to the investigators

BBC – 16 December 2016

The Egypt Air flight that crashed into Mediterranean in May this year has its victims tainted with explosives as per the Egyptian investigators.

A criminal investigation would now be initiated into the crash of the Airbus A320.


The Airbus A320 that crashed was travelling from Paris to Cairo and went down into the sea killing each of the 66 passengers on board.

Flight MS804 had been carrying 40 Egyptians, including 10 member crew and 15 French nationals whose remains are yet to return to France.

In September, French newspaper Le Figaro stated that French investigators had established trace levels of TNT on debris of the aircraft, but had been prohibited from examining it further.
Egyptian officials denied obstructing French inquiries.


Despite both investigations, the cause of the crash has remained unclear. No distress call was made beforehand but the cockpit voice recorder revealed the pilots had fought to put out a fire.

Automated electronic messages sent out by the plane showed smoke detectors going off in a toilet and in the avionics area below the cockpit, minutes before the plane vanished.

Convalesced wreckage showed marks of damage caused by high temperature and there was soot on the jet’s front segment.

Though there were fears that a deed of terrorism might have carried the plane down, no group has said it beleaguered the plane.
The crash arose seven months after a Russian passenger plane was taken down by a bomb over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, slaying all 224 people on board.

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