EgyptAir planning to set up new airlines in Ghana

In Ghana, the Egyptian government aims to create a new airline, becoming a collaborator with the Government of Ghana. On 22 October, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Egypt and Ghana’s two governments.

It is in tandem with national leadership instructions and the Government of Egypt to improve collaboration, cultivate partnerships, and exchange ideas with African countries in different fields, the aviation industry, and under the Ministry of Civil Aviation led by Pilot Mohamed Manar. Pilot Rushdi Zakria released the statement.
It isn’t the first collaboration between two fraternal civil aviation nations.

EgyptAir - aviationnepal

Whereby Maintenance & Engineering of EgyptAir, one of the subsidiaries of EgyptAir Holding Firm, has agreed with the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Ghana to set up a technical support center for all airline companies of Kotoko International Airport in Ghana.

The Airlines’ identity

No more specifics on the identity of the carrier have yet been disclosed.

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