Emergency rescue exercise practiced at Biratnagar Airport

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March 29, 2017 Biratnagar

 Biratnagar Airport was unusual today as Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) conducted an emergency airport rescue exercise. Majority of flight operations were halted at the airport and the airport rescue team consisting of staffs from CAAN, Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Forces were deployed for the emergency rescue practice.

The rescue exercise was started by burning flames of fire at the airport premises in Biratnagar. Dummy victims were also deployed to create an emergency situation.

 The rescue team then rushed to incident site to rescue the dummy victims from fire. A total of five ambulances and two fire brigades were also used for the rescue practice and had immediately marched to the site. All the incoming flights to Biratnagar Airport were also diverted.

The rescue operator reacted actively to handle the emergency situation.

This type of effective exercise is conducted every two years. The airport was closed for one an half hour for practicing the exercise. The information officer of the airport said that this was a pre-exercise on how to handle emergency situations in airport.

CAAN informed that the demo was done on how to successfully overcome emergency situation at the airport.


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