Emirates and Etihad eyeing to end laptop ban in collaboration with US authorities

UAE based airlines; Emirates and Etihad Airways are working with US authorities on implementing new security systems that could end current electron devices ban in flights.

US government is expected to implement new enhanced airport security system as the part of new measures to prevent the threat of terrorists hiding bombs in laptops. US say some of the security measures are to be implemented as soon as possible whereas other will be phased in over the course of 21 days.

The measures by the Department of Homeland Security represent one of the most sweeping security upgrades in the past decade but stop short of a threatened ban on large electronics in aircraft cabins. It will apply to an average of 325,000 passengers a day flying to the U.S. from 280 airports in 105 countries, according to the agency.

Etihad Airways spokesperson said, “We look forward to working with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and verifying that the security measures are in place which will see the ban lifted on personal electronic devices being carried in the cabin on our flights to the US.”

Emirates’ bookings plummeted due to US imposed electronic ban and the airline was compelled to ground its 13 aircraft. Spokesperson for Emirates said, “Lifting the ban on bringing laptops and other personal electronic devices onboard will be good news for travellers flying into the USA. We look forward to working with the authorities and Dubai airport stakeholders to implement these measures as soon as possible for our US flights.”

The aviation authority along with the government of United States temporarily banned passengers to carry electronic gadgets like laptops, iPads, cameras, DVD players in carry-on luggage in some airlines from last week of March 2017. The restriction was applied to all flights to US from eight countries; Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. After US, the United Kingdom also initiated electronic device restriction in flights from six countries (Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.)  to UK.

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