Emirates flight EK521 passengers to get Dh7.25 million plus a full refund of ticket price

Emirates flight EK521 passengers to get Dh7.25 million plus a full refund of ticket price

Source: BBC

11 August 2016

Emirates airline is offering the victim passengers of crashed flight EK521 passengers an amount of $7,000 per passenger as compensation against the loss of baggage and damages they might suffered as a result of last week’s accident. Emirates flight EK521 crashed into the airport upon landing at Dubai International Airport on August 3, 2016. The compensation the airline is offering is way beyond the mandated amount of authorities.

The airlines has decided to provide this amount including all the ticket price refund of 282 passengers on board the flight, summing the amount to be a total of Dh7.25 million in compensation and damages.

This is the first crash in which it lost its aircraft in its 30-year history, but all 282 passengers and 18 crew on board the aircraft were evacuated safely before the flight burst into flame. The airlines authority also told the passengers to provide them their baggage in case they were recovered from crash site.

But it can be obvious that anything that was unable to be retrieved by the passengers themselves during evacuation has most likely been destroyed. By international obligation an airline would have to provide $1,570 compensation for the loss of baggage and personal effects but Emirates airlines is offering total sum of $5,430 per person that would be transferred to passenger’s account in against any further damages and their traumatic experience according to a statement from airline is August 7.

Passengers seem to be fully satisfied and also told that they were never asking for any compensation as the lives they got back after the crash was most valuable.

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