Employees of Nepal Airlines getting their monthly salary after three months

Employees of Nepal Airlines Corporation are getting their monthly salary after three months. The budget implementation of the corporation was affected due to the agitation started by the official employees’ trade union after the draft of the revised management letter was issued to bring the corporation into the company model. At the same time, the corporation’s employees were stopped from receiving their salaries for three months.
Dim Prasad Poudel, managing director of the corporation, passed the budget of employees’ salaries on Friday.
The budget could not be passed as the staff blocked the board meeting. This afternoon, I have decided to pay the salary using the particular authority in the post of managing director, ‘said managing director Poudel to source.

He said that despite the decision to manage the salary, he still does not have the environment to go to the office. He says he has been working outside for about three months.

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