EASA Part 66

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)

EASA itself a big fat Organization but we would be just warping up the one “major” wing of it called easa- part 66. In the context of Nepal: EASA part 66 is named as NCAR (Nepal Civil Aviation Regulation)-part 66.

Now what is EASA- part 66?
Let me put it in very precisely and technically, it’s an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) license
Briefing it, after once you complete your easa- part 66 papers and hold the license than you can do certain major exercises with the aircraft as SIGN OFF the aircraft before flight, SIGN OFF the maintenance tasks in LINE or in Base.
There are major three different categories covered within part – 66
1) A category = Technician
2) B category = Engineering
3) C category = Base Maintenance

As we were talking about Nepal circumstances, the most Airlines Corporation that exists here needs the hands with B category license.
B Category its self hold three sections:
1) B.1.1 = for the fixed wings (Turbine engine Aeroplanes)
2) B.1.3 = Rotary Wing (Turbine engine Helicopters)
3) B2 = Avionics

Both B.1.1 and B.1.2 carries mechanical section of the aircraft, whereas B2 is the one which carries electronic and electric section of the aircraft.
Now let’s talk about where to check in to face these categories exams and how many modules do each one holds. In Nepal, EASA exams are conducted by British Council so you have to sit in their venue for the exams.


B.1.1 covers 16 exam papers including 3 essay where are B.1.3 and B2 covers 15 exam papers along 3 essay.
Future after you completes your exam papers:
After you pass these exams paper, CAAN (civil Aviation Authority Nepal) will issue you NCAR (Nepal Civil Aviation Regulation) – part 66 license. Once you get the license you will be hired by any certain airlines but the journey just begun here. Because, though you have authorized license but you again need to get next license from that very working airlines called personal authorization certificate. This license is issued by the airlines according to your best skill in the certain section. Let’s put you an example to make you clear, if you have B.1.1 license and capable to work on structure, power plant (engine), mechanical parts but you shall only be allowed to work in specify area according to your best skill amongst all. If your best in landing gear section among rest other sections you would only be allowed to work on that very section. That is the best way to pull the best out of you, apparently turns the best output in the end for them (Airlines) too.