Etihad revises baggage rules; passengers could get 50 kilos of allowance

Etihad Airways has introduced a new baggage policy in accordance to varying customer requirements in the international market it serves.

The Abu Dhabi-based airline which conducts scheduled flights to various countries including Nepal said on Wednesday that it is switching to a new policy that is based on total weight rather than the number of bags checked in and the newly revised policy will be implemented excluding the US and Canada.

With the switch to a weight-based baggage policy, the majority of markets will be entitled to 23kg of checked baggage on Economy Deal fares, 30kg on Economy Saver and Classic fares, and 35kg on Economy Flex fares. Customers in all Business Class fare categories are entitled to 40kg, and First Class customers enjoy a 50kg allowance. Guests in The Residence onboard Etihad Airways’ flagship Airbus A380 fleet are provided with an allowance of four bags at 32kg each. Exceptions apply to select markets.

Etihad Guest Silver, Gold and Platinum members will continue to receive a complimentary excess baggage allowance of 32kg on US and Canada routes, and 20kg for Platinum members, 15kg for Gold members and 10kg for Silver members on all other routes.

Etihad Airways executive vice president commercial, Mohammad Al Bulooki, said: “In line with global best practice and market trends, Etihad Airways has developed a baggage policy that best caters to the differing needs of our guests around the world. The switch to a policy based on weight rather than the number of bags simplifies our allowance system and provides greater convenience and customer benefit while enhancing the travel experience.”

However, Etihad Airways, one of the biggest Gulf airlines, has abruptly cut baggage allowances for many of its passengers. Travelers booking discount tickets to key destinations in Africa including Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi will find the previous allowance of 46kg cases has halved overnight to 23kg.

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