Eurowings Discover, new airlines of Lufthansa Group is ready for take-off

Eurowings Discover, new airlines of Lufthansa Group is ready for take-off.  Eurowings received its Air Operator Certificate from the German Federal Aviation Authority on June 16, completing the last step to touch the sky.

Eurowings Discover
Photo from Eurowings

Eurowings Discover is also the first airline in Germany to obtain unrestricted permission under a newly enacted aviation regulation known as partial CAMO. The airlines operate flights under the IATA code 4Y under its own financial and marketing responsibility. Eurowings Discover enhances Lufthansa’s tourism offering at its German hubs by providing passengers a diverse selection of appealing locations. The Lufthansa Group has successfully managed this integrated business model at the Zurich hub for many years using matching SWISS and Edelweiss services.

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Destination: Mombasa and Zanzibar

The new airline has declared a planned date for its first flight from Frankfurt to Mombasa. The airline said that it would begin flying to Mombasa on July 24 and subsequently to Zanzibar. There will be two weekly flights to Mombasa/Zanzibar; starting in August, there would also be three weekly flights to Punta Cana and five weekly flights towards Windhoek.

Additional flights to Las Vegas and other American destinations

Eurowings Discover announced the addition of a transatlantic long-haul service between Frankfurt and Las Vegas beginning in October. In addition, Bridgetown, Montego Bay, and Varadero would be introduced to the winter of 2021 with three flights in a week.

Short and medium-haul flights

Additionally, beginning in November, the flight schedule of Eurowings Discover will include short- and medium-haul routes to the Canary Islands, Egypt, and Morocco.


Eurowings Discover claimed to have maximum of eleven aircraft in this year and will expand to twenty-one by the middle of next year (10x Airbus A320 and 11x Airbus A330). The aircraft will be acquired from the Lufthansa Group’s fleet pool.

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