Exploring Dubai from the air by helicopter and from the ground with a private car

With the increasing tourist interest towards the UAE, and particularly to such a large city as Dubai, the number of sightseeing tours and ways to explore this amazing city is also rapidly growing. This way today you can enjoy the views of Dubai from a bird’s eye view by airplane, helicopter or even hot air balloon, as well as by ground transportation. So, today we would like to tell you more about the advantages of such activities and other ways to have a fantastic time during your stay in Dubai.

  • Exploring the best views of Dubai in a road trip

Perhaps let’s start with ground transportation, and in particular automobiles. With an incredible road network, 8-lane highways and picturesque landscapes, the United Arab Emirates is made for driving. Renting a car is by far the most convenient way to explore the Emirates. However, here we will not talk about public transportation, but rather focus on the car rentals. In case you haven’t known yet, Dubai is considered to be one of the richest cities, with the greatest number of premium cars. Luckily, today anyone can access car rental services that offer a wide range of vehicles. For instance, you can hire both classic models and make a choice in favor of exotic car rental Dubai. According to your preferences and budget, you can either rent sports cars including Lamborghini and Ferrari or premium models such as Bentley and enjoy a comfortable ride all over Dubai.

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On its own, Dubai offers many attractions that can only be fully appreciated by driving a car. For example, you take a drive to Dubai Creek, which features a breathtaking panorama of the cityscape. Alternatively, try a leisurely ride along Jumeirah Beach Residences along the picturesque Marina Drive. This particular 6-kilometer road runs along the Dubai waterfront, offers stunning views of skyscrapers and the Persian Gulf, especially at night. Be sure to take a ride along it at sunset when the city is fully illuminated. Finally, don’t forget to visit Palm Jumeirah Island, which is considered to be one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks of the country.

  • A glimpse of Dubai from an aerial view

When it comes to taking an aerial tour, there are also plenty of options to choose from. As a rule, an aerial tour starts from the artificial Palm Jumeirah Island or from the helipad near the Dubai Police Academy. From the sky, you will admire a magnificent panorama of Dubai with its high-rise buildings and towers. Here you will see that Dubai is literally a megalopolis in the middle of the desert, combined with a mix of ultramodern roads and flyovers, high-rise buildings and luxury villas. The flight passes over the most popular architectural creations, including the Atlantis Hotel and Jumeirah Promenade. Special attention should be paid to the artificial island, as from the bird’s eye view the archipelago looks just incredible. There is also a great view of the maritime port and of the most famous sights of the city, namely the hotel in the shape of a sail Burj Al Arab and the tower Burj Khalifa.

It is worth paying special attention to the nature of Dubai, the scenery of which strikes no less than the city. Thus, it is convenient to hire a car and take a drive through the desert of El Ain or visit the picturesque eastern coast of the UAE – Dibba. A truly memorable trip experience can be a hot air balloon flight over the desert scenery. The flight usually takes place twice a day at sunrise and sunset, when the temperature is at the most comfortable level. The best views of the desert and the national reserve can be seen from the altitude of the balloon, showing you with the scenes of the desert wildlife.

So now, when you are going to plan your next trip to Dubai, remember that you have a wide range of choices on how to spend your free time and enjoy the beauty of the city. The best option is to combine a land tour on a rented car together with a flight on a helicopter or hot air balloon.

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