FAA investigates the Nepal Aviation Safety

A delegation from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigates Nepal’s aviation safety level.

The study is carried out before a bilateral air transport agreement is signed.

(CAAN) director, Pradeep Adhikari, said the assessment by a delegation dispatched by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has started.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, the research will concentrate on numerous aspects of aviation safety.

Nepal just got the final result of the ICAO’s most recent aviation safety audit, in which it achieved a score of 70.1 percent.

Meanwhile, according to Adhikari, CAAN is optimistic that Nepal will be removed from the European Union’s aviation safety blacklist.

Since 2013, flights registered to Nepali aircraft carriers have been forbidden from flying in European airspace due to the European Commission’s decision to blacklist the nation. Nepal was not removed from the list in its most recent revision in June.

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