Fair new treaty: Could benefitairlines passengers

Fair new treaty: Could benefitairlines passengers

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation are preparing documents to ensure the new provisions act regarding airlines passengers (Domestic/International) life Insurance are in accordance and favor the passengers.

According to currently running 1929 Warsaw Convection Act,there is the provision to provide $20,000 insurance money to the families of the deceased if an ill-fated events follows such as an aircraft crash. Liability for loss, delay, or damage for most international journeys (including domestic portions) is as according to the airlines rules.

Holding the airlines more responsible for any mishaps regarding the safety and comfort of the passengers will be the prime focus of the new convection act. Spokesman of the Ministry Pramod Nepal states, “If Nepal will sign Materials Convention 1999 act then the insured sum amounts to $1, 17,000 and an accidental baggage loss may sums up to $1700.”

International Civil Aviation (ICAO) is also guiding Nepalese Authorities assemble new insurance act. CAANs’ Director General Rajan Pokhrel informs the act was set in action a year ago but still not confirmed by officials.

Photo Courtesy : kathmandu.im

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