Fake licenses issue: Pakistani Pilots and Engineers fired by Kuwait Airways

Foreign airlines are said to have begun action to Pakistani employees including Pakistani pilots on the matter of suspected licenses of pilots. A significant step was taken by Pakistan and filled by Kuwait.

Based on media reports Kuwait airlines has actually grounded 7 Pakistani pilots and 56 engineers, those Pakistani pilots engineers, and ground personnel have been prepared by various international airlines. Choice has actually been required to keep Pakistani staff grounded unless the report about them is received from Pakistan authorities.

On the other hand CEO, PIA has actually corresponded to embassies and authorities about the pilots holding authentic licenses.

In a strong response to Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan’s added about forgery licenses of pilots, Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA) President Chaudhry Salman said the federal minister’s declarations had risk the jobs of the Pakistani pilots across the world.

” We book the right to file a disparagement suit against the aviation minister,” Chaudhry said, resolving an interview in Karachi. “We haven’t come here to defend 141 pilots but to eliminate our viability war. The list issued by Ghulam Sarwar Khan is unverified.”

He stated the list issued by the minister is itself doubtful with errors.

Pakistani pilots are very distressed, he stated. He stated the federal minister did this as he wished to distract consideration from the recent PIA crash. Furthermore, the federal minister wanted to retain a certain group, he said.

Chaudhry Salman demanded the primary justice of Pakistan make up a probe commission, saying pilots are willing to take part in any proceedings under the court.

He also determined that the Civil Aviation Authority didn’t provide show-cause notices to any pilot up until now.

The air crash analysis are on process the world over in order to stem any future possibility of unfortunate incident, worried Salman. The probes are not meant to move the blame onto a single person, he stated, adding, the very same Pakistani pilots fly aircraft outside the nation but no accident ever occurs.

Aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar on Friday had revealed that the license of 262 pilots were suspicious and therefore they will be prohibited from flying.

The pilots in order of dismiss include 141 from PIA, 9 from Air Blue, and 10 from Serene Airline, stated the minister.

The remainder of the 262 come from flying clubs or chartered plane services, he said. He stated all the airlines and the clubs had been communicated that: “Their qualifications are dubious, and they shouldn’t be enabled to fly.”

It is said that there are 860 Pakistani pilots in which 753 serving for Pakistani airlines, while 107 for foreign airline companies.

“The lists of the those pilots have been sent out to relevant authorities, including a letter and a list of 141 pilots to PIA’s chief executive, advising him to disallow them from more flying,” stated the minister.

He went on to state that 9 out of 28 pilots have “confessed” throughout a probe, and their licenses will be cancelled after approval from the federal cabinet as the issuing authority is CAA, however the federal government is the authority on cancelling licenses.

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