‘Fake Rescue Case’ troubles tourists as Insurance Companies hesitate issuing Travel Insurance

Tourists are having trouble to travel to Nepal and trek to high altitude areas after insurance companies are neglecting for ‘Travel Insurance’. The news about ‘Fake rescue’ by Nepali Helicopter companies has led to this problem for tourists who have already booked their trips to trekking in Nepal.

Lately, the news about fake rescue by some helicopter companies of Nepal has shook tourism industry. Tourists are forcefully made sick in high altitude treks and rescued from helicopters and later claiming insurance amount from the insurance companies. Thus insurance companies are neglecting to do travel insurance of foreigners.

Tourists tend to do their insurance while traveling and currently, most of them are facing the problem of insurance if they are willing to visit Nepal mostly for high altitude trekking. Most of the tourists even ask about doing insurance from Nepali insurance companies but the insurance companies are also not willing for it.

The fake rescue topic has gained a place in international Medias and this has caused dilemma among tourists which has directly affected in Nepali tourism industry. Various tourism entrepreneurs and business personnel have complained about lack of government initiation towards solving the problem. Government is still not able to catch those involved in fake rescue so there is a huge possibility that tourist arrival will be low in the upcoming tourism season.

Foreign companies had given September 1 as the last date to detain all the companies involved but the government has not begun any work yet. Investigation committee has provided the name of around 18 companies involved in fake rescue to the government but no process has been done.

Officials from Trekking Agencies Association Of Nepal (TAAN) states that most of those involved in the case have reach to high level authorities so the government is unwilling to arrest those companies. The problem is set to affect the government’s goal which is to bring around 2 million tourists to Nepal in the year 2020 AD as part of the Nepal tourism year-2020 project.

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