Father of the 747; Joe Sutter, died at the Age of 95

Father of the 747; Joe Sutter, died at the Age of 95

Prem Mainali- 31 August 2016

Joseph F.“Joe” Sutter, an American Engineer for the Boeing Airplane Company and Manager of the design team for the Boeing 747 died Tuesday at the age of 95 due to the complications from Pneumonia.

Joe Sutter, Boeing's chief engineer on the original jumbo, and known as the "father of the 747." walks in front of a newly unveiled 747-8 jumbo passenger jet at the company's Everett, Washington commercial airplane manufacturing facility, February 13, 2011. REUTERS/Anthony Bolante
Fig: Joe Sutter, Boeing’s chief engineer

Moreover, Sutter also worked on projects including, the 737 and 707 aircraft models. Boeing Commercial Aircraft chief Executive Officers Raj Conner Said to employees.

jojoSutter and his the produced the world’s largest airplance with in twenty nine months from the time of beginning and thus they were also known as “The incredible”

Source: The Boeing Store’s

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