Field study conducted for new airport construction at Koshi Tappu region

The initial preparation of the construction of the airport at Koshi Tappu has been started for the purpose of smooth air service to the people of Saptari, Sunsari and Udaipur and promotion of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve as a tourist destination.

While the up-gradation project of Rajibiraj Airport has already been completed, the collaborative initiation from the municipality of Saptakoshi, Sunsari and Udaypur has proposed the construction of new airport at the Koshi Tappu region.

According the local people, the new airport is proposed for the alternative to the Sagaramatha Airport which was expected to be constructed at Jogidaha, Udaipur. They also stated that the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve is being viewed as the best alternative after increasing possibility of wasting thousands of hectares of forest and destruction of Chure area for the construction of Sagarmatha airport.

Mayor of Saptakoshi Municipality, Uttam Kumar Gautam reported that preparations for construction of airport in the open area of ​ Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve has begun.

He informed that in the central part of ​​three local areas, about 60 thousand Bigha area of ​​the vacant land has been agreed to use for airport construction and cricket stadium. “The three municipalities have planned to develop Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve as a tourist area,” Gautam said. In its initial phase, the airport is the first priority, he added.

Gautam said Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) conducted feasibility study for the airport and another team will visit the site for detailed study after technical team will submit the report. The Authority sent the team of Engineer Satya Ram Duwal for probability study and the team returned to Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Engineer Duwal said that the domestic airport can be constructed and it could become an excellent airport in the empty area of ​​Wildlife Reserve if the plan for controlling the river is put ahead.

He said that though it is possible to construct international airport due to the availability of land however, the high-tension electric wires could cause obstruction.

During the field study, Mayor of Saptakoshi Municipality was present along with Durga Thapa, Mayor of Belka Municipality. For the construction of the airport, the team with the Mayor of Belka Municipality urged the secretary of the Civil Aviation Ministry for the feasibility of study on Baisakh 26.

Mayor Thapa said that the airport construction has been proposed in the aim of improving tourism market of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, connecting religious, natural and historical areas including Baraha area of Sunsari, Chandranagar of Saptari, Chitramasta, Kankalini and Shambhunath Temple and Chaudandigadi of Udaypur.

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